Chocolate Chai Truffles

These knock-your-socks-off Chocolate Chai truffles are a perfect, totally festive way to get the holiday season kicked off. Sweet, with hints of chocolate and chai spice, these little bits of heaven would be perfect gifts, perfect desserts…or really just a perfect little indulgence during the holidays. Now, I have to be honest with y’all here and tell you that these truffles were the first time I’ve ever attempted to make truffles. I’ll also tell you that the truffles in these photos are, in fact, my second batch…because my first batch was somewhat of a disaster – a.k.a. chocolate hardened before I could even think about shaping them into truffles. Note to self and you guys if you make them: roll into truffle shape before chocolate takes on rock-hard shape of bowl … but we’ll get into that in a bit…

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