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Coffee Cocktails | mü

A mü story.

mu storyI felt it right there in front of me, the most perfect of perfect ideas. I remember the morning I was sitting in the comfort of a cozy coffeehouse, thick layers of coffee steam wafted…you know, the kind that tease your tongue before ever touching your lips.

Then afternoon fell upon the day and the buzz that inspired me for what seemed like hours began to fade. What was this perfect of perfect ideas?

It was creamy. It was even dreamy… It was then I knew this perfect idea would lead into evening – to me time. A coffeehouse cocktail was born that day and from all across the land the fairest princes and princesses came to partake in this sweet indulgence of mü poured straight over ice. And 5pm was declared happy hour forevermore.

Coffee break meets happy hour and they live creamily ever after.

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