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mu Cream Liqueur | FAQs


What kind of wine is it?

OTSW* (pronounced OTSO), it’s a flavorless wine made from Florida citrus fruits.
* Other than standard wine.

How is it different from grape wine?

OTSW is distilled like Vodka, it’s just a fruit instead of a grain. (OTSW is still fermented, like regular wine, before it’s distilled)

Why do we distill it?

To create a flavorless spirit.

Why do we use OTSW?

To give us a clean slate to build our flavors profiles without compromise.

Is it made with cream?

No, but it does have milk protein in it.

Is it non-dairy?

No, because it has milk protein. (which stabilizes it)

If someone is lactose intolerant can they drink it?

Yes, typically because it does not have cream in it. (but if they have a severe intolerance they may be affected)

What if someone is allergic to dairy?

They can not drink mü because of the milk protein in it, but mü is gluten-free.

Why do we use milk protein, does that make it creamy?

No, that creaminess comes from coconut oil. Milk protein just stabilizes the product.

What makes it creamy?

The natural coconut oil we use makes it creamy.

How do we get the coffee flavor?

We use natural flavors.

Do we use all natural flavors?


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